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5 Top Acting Techniques to Get More Web-Series and Movie Projects

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The Indian entertainment industry completely transformed after the pandemic and associated lockdown. Given the successful run of OTT platforms in the country, web-series took over with its diverse, gritty and more realistic appeal. The increased inclination of the audiences and Bollywood fanatics towards the digital platforms created newer opportunities for the entertainers. The new platform also gave rise to newer talents with a very minimal nepotism quotient involved.

If you are an actor or aspiring to be one, the time cannot be any more favourable to you and your dreams. However, opportunities don’t turn into victory unless you have the right set of skills to grab them. There is a saying that ‘hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’ and there can never be a more motivational quote whether you are born an actor or working hard to be one.

Studying acting takes a lot of commitment and hard work. There is always an option to learn and build a solid foundation for your craft. Here are some of the top acting techniques commonly used by the top actors across the globe to choose from and master.

Top 5 Acting Techniques To Help Actors Get More Jobs in OTT Platforms

Here is a list of 5 acting techniques that every actor must know before they decide to master any:

  • Stanislavski Method
  • Classical Acting Technique
  • Method Acting/ Lee Strasberg’s Approach
  • Meisner Approach
  • Chekhov Technique

1. Stanislavski Method

Stanislavski Method

A systematic training technique developed by Russian theatre practitioner, Konstantin Stanislavski, was the first acting method studied by generations and inspired other successful acting techniques. Before Stanislavski’s method, acting was known as presentational and superficial and he introduced the idea of bringing realism to the theatre.

The framework is based on the following questions to break down the role into smaller objectives and circumstances:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • When is it?
  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How will I get it?
  • What do I need to overcome?

Once an actor has understood these circumstances of their character, it gets easier to live the character, develop imaginary stimuli and enter given circumstances of the role.

Classical Acting Technique

Classical Acting Technique

Inspired by Stanislavski’s framework and teachings of Michel Saint-Denis, Classical Acting Technique is a fusion of a range of acting techniques and focuses on each element of the actor’s ability to perform, including body, voice, imagination, script analysis, and embodiment of their characters.

Classical Acting Technique is widely practised across the globe and demands the actor to have an open, flexible body and voice that is free from tension and inhibition. Not to be confused with Shakespearian Acting, Classical Acting Technique practises also teach textual analysis to identify the objective of the character.

Method Acting/ Lee Strasberg’s Approach

Lee Strasberg’s Approach

Developed by the American actor and teacher, Lee Strasberg, Method Acting is one of the most popular terms in the world of acting for the layman. A disciple of Stanislavski’s system, Strasberg developed his own system of acting by spinning key elements of Stanislavski’s acting method.

The goal for Lee Strasberg’s Approach is to give more natural, realistic performances where the physicality and the emotion of the actor are in line with those of their character for an unaffected and truthful delivery. Method actors are often encouraged to use their own personal experiences or strong emotion from the past in their performance for the greater touch of realism.

Meisner Approach

Meisner Approach

Developed by American actor, Sanford Meisner, the Meisner Technique forces the actor to stop intellectualizing about their performance and let pure instinct take the control of their acting. The technique, prominent in the current times, demands the actor to get rid of any habits or affections coming in the way of their natural acting responsiveness.

Meisner’s Technique is also based on the Stanislavski system and was developed after working with great teachers, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler in New York. The three worked together and studied Konstantin Stanislavski’s acting technique and come up with their own unique techniques after parting ways.

Chekhov Technique

Chekhov Technique

Developed by Russian actor and director, Michael Chekhov, Chekhov Technique is also inspired by Stanislavski’s work but rather proposes a less realistic form of acting. Michael was trained by Konstantin Stanislavski but felt his acting too natural for his liking and developed his own unique acting technique – Chekhov Technique.

His technique requires the actor to connect their subconscious mind with their body and radiate into their character. Chekhov Technique focusses on the physicality of the actor aiming for a heightened portrayal of reality for a more artistic performance.

Final Thoughts

Each acting technique has its own advantages and each actor shall study and understand the principles of different techniques before practising any. While each method has its own approach and demands, most successful actors practice each technique and apply them in combination to tap into diversity with their craft. However, it is always recommended to understand and master at least one technique before dipping your toe into diversity and new approaches. Download the EntNetwrk mobile application to build your own network in the entertainment industry and learn from the industry experts.


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