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7 Power Tips to Introduce a Performer on Stage the Best Way Possible

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Introducing a performer on the stage might seem like a no brainer, however, it is an overlooked factor that can set or ruin the mood of any performance. While many emcees fail to give the vital essence in their introduction which could help the entertainer as well the audience enjoy the performance by setting their psyche right, you can avoid the common mistakes by following the power tips mentioned below.

7 Tips To Introduce A Performer On Stage The Right Way

Here are 7 power tips on how to introduce a stage performance to bring the best out of the entertainer:

  • Prepare The Introduction
  • Avoid Pronunciation Mistakes
  • Moderate Your Jokes
  • Understand Your Audience
  • Avoid Revealing Key Performance Details
  • Let The Performer Take Over
  • Learn From Industry Experts

1. Prepare The Introduction

Prepare The Introduction

No matter how witty or instantaneous you believe you are, it is highly likely to forget any key detail related to the performer or the performance. Instead of risking the quality of your performance as well as the entertainer you are introducing with a make-shift introduction, it is always recommended to prepare the introduction beforehand.

Even the greatest public speakers, emcees and hosts prefer to jot down important points on a cue card to avoid the chance of undermining the performance or make a fool out of themselves on the stage. Writing down the introduction will also lower the pressure that you might feel if you are just starting your career or introducing an acclaimed performer.

2. Avoid Pronunciation Mistakes

Avoid Pronunciation Mistakes

The entertainment world is full of diversity and you might find it difficult to pronounce the name of people or places from different parts of the world. While mispronouncing names not only weakens your performance but may also offend or disappoint the performers you are introducing.

If you have penned down the introduction, it is always recommended to read it out loud and if you are unsure of the correct pronunciation of any word or name, research them. You can never give the best performance of your life without a little practice.

3. Moderate Your Jokes

Moderate Your Jokes

Jokes are undoubtedly one of the best engagers in any kind of performance and to lighten the mood of the environment. However, moderation of jokes is crucial when you are introducing a public figure to avoid any unintentional offence. Using jokes at the entertainer’s expense may demoralize the performer and hence, the performance.

While jokes are crucial to entertain the modern-day audience, never make a joke about the entertainer you are introducing or their performance. The more formally you introduce an entertainer, the more it will help them retain their prepared confidence. If you must include some fun lines in the introduction, get consent from the entertainer to avoid any miscommunication.

4. Understand Your Audience

Understand your audiences

Your audience plays a crucial role in determining the tone of your introduction and, in fact, your overall performance. There is a possibility that you must adjust your prepared introduction as per the audience sitting in front of you. If your audience is made up of the elderly then you must incline towards a more formal introduction and if your audience is made up of children, you must ensure that your introduction has their attention.

You must also consider that the audience is expected to contain friends and family of the performer who are proud and excited to hear the name of the performer. The more you consider the perspective of the audience, the more interactive your introduction and performance will be.

5. Avoid Revealing Key Performance Details

Avoid Revealing Key Details

Introducing a performer should be straight forward and must not reveal everything about the performance. You are allowed to inform the audience about the act or performance but limit yourself from explaining the unique merits of the performance. The more you reveal about the performance, the less appealing it will become for the audience as their anticipation declines.

The key take-away is to moderate the information you will be leaking about the performance before it begins and let the entertainer take it forward with their performance and its surprise elements.

6. Let The Performer Take Over

Let The Performer Take Over

After you have introduced the performer and their act, you have to welcome them on the stage and let them take over the crowd with their performance. You must consider that they must have prepared their act just like you and they would like to perform without your interference unless demanded.

After you have welcomed the performer on the stage, you can take some time to hype up the crowd and build the excitement if the audience is less enthusiastic about the performance. However, you must be ready to let the performer take over the stage and start their performance. Always keep in mind that once your performer gets on stage, they are in charge already.

7. Learn From Industry Experts

Learn From Experts

Apart from the above tips, you can avoid a lot more common mistake during introducing a performer on the stage if you learn from the mistakes and experience of others. Networking with other aspiring or established entertainment enthusiasts sharing a similar interest or career will help you grow faster than you can do alone.

With EntNetwrk mobile application, you can connect with other like-minded individuals and hone your skills on the biggest entertainer’s network. The free networking platform also offers an array of features to learn, collaborate with like-minded entertainers and explore opportunities in the industry.

Final Thoughts

The performance of the entertainer depends a lot on the quality of their introduction. The more you are prepared about your performance, the more it will drive your audience to give their attention to the introduction. Introducing a performer the right way can help you start the entertainment sessions start with excitement and elevate your own performance. Download the EntNetwrk app to learn more about careers in the entertainment fraternity and network with industry experts.

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