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Emily Blunt finds a real sense of purpose in helping those who stutter, Find out why

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British actress Emily Blunt says she finds “a real sense of purpose” in helping those out who have the tendency to stutter. The actress who overcame a stammer and went on to become Hollywood one of the top stars feels it is her duty to help others deal with the same issue which she had.

The 38-year-old actress associated herself with the American Institute Of Stuttering, and reveals that she understands the pain of people who stammer. Thus, she believes in having a real sense of purpose to serve such people with this foundation because it feels equally personal to her. Blunt who understands the anguish that these kids and adults have to endure says that there is a lot of wrong information out there about stuttering, and believes that it’s her job to enlighten people upon what it’s actually about and that it doesn’t make such people anxiety-ridden, neither it is some sort of mental disability, nor does it cause a nervous disposition. She informs that it is neurological, and could also be genetic. And one must stop blaming people for it because it’s not their fault, or under their control, especially the kids who can do nothing about it.

The actress, who stars in the current box office winner “A Quiet Place Part II” says that she feels empathetic towards those who are struggling with stuttering. Since it is also something that is difficult to explain to people who are not the victims because one can simply not speak. It completely imprisons a person and is quite moving. She informs how she explains it to the kids and parents who call her up and tells them to just learn to wrap their arms around that part of themselves. She insists they learn that it’s not the whole of them but just a little part of them and everyone’s got something they’re dealing with.

She concludes by saying that she has never met a rude stutterer, probably because one he/she might have been humiliated, they would never do it to anybody else. Blunt has now made a comeback to the screens with her new hit now. Over the past year, the actress was involved in spending a lot of time home, schooling her seven and four years old daughters and giving time to her husband and actor-filmmaker John Krasinski.

She reveals how they were confused all the way through homeschooling but the time spent at home gave them the ability to notice every detail of the children.

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