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Types of Guitars Every Guitarist Should Know, List with Pictures

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Guitars have always been one of the most loved and admired musical instruments. Whether, you are an actor, singer, musician or college-goer, learning to play the guitar will not only increase your versatility but also soothes your soul. If you are planning to purchase your first guitar or aspiring to be a guitarist, this article will help you understand the different types of guitar and their applications.

Types of Guitars Every Guitarist Shall Know

Here are the six different types of guitars that one should know before dwelling into the world of tunes

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electro-acoustic Guitar
  • Semi-acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Unconventional Guitar

1. Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are one of the most popular and beginner-friendly guitar types. Acoustic guitars have a heavy hollow wooden body with a thick neck to support the tension of six heavy strings. The acoustic guitar comes in a range of sizes and shapes but the majority of them are symmetrical. The bigger acoustic guitars like Jumbo and Dreadnoughts give off big booming sounds while smaller variations like Auditorium and Parlor are quieter and have a more articulate tone.

Acoustic guitars are best for beginners and singer-songwriters who prefers to fingerpick their songs during creation.

2. Electro-acoustic Guitar

Electro Acoustic Guitar

Electro-acoustic guitars are the same as acoustic guitars but have a microphone built into them which can be used to plug the guitar into an amplifier or PA system. Electro-acoustic guitars are great for newbie performers as they don’t have to stress putting a mic near the guitar to pick-up the sound in live shows.

The Electro-acoustic can be said to be a variant of the traditional acoustic guitar with a way to connect it to an amplifier.

3. Semi-acoustic Guitar

Semi Acoustic Guitar

Semi-acoustic guitars have a thin hollow body and sometimes referred to as hollow-bodied electric guitars. They are lighter and than traditional acoustic or electro-acoustic guitars but don’t have a solid body like electric guitars. A semi-acoustic guitar doesn’t produce quite as loud a sound when unplugged as an acoustic guitar.

Semi-acoustic guitars are ideal for people looking to get the best of the two worlds but not for those who are more determined towards one or the other.

4. Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

Electric guitars can be classified as solid-bodied guitars that don’t produce much sound unless plugged into an amplified. In fact, electric guitars cannot be used without an amplifier for any fruitful result. Electric guitars are generally made of wood with six strings but they come in a variety of shapes and built. Electric guitars can also be clubbed with effect pedals to alter the sound through audio signal processing for a more creative touch.

Electric guitars are more suitable for professionals who seek powerful and sustaining sound; and less ideal for traditional types of music.

5. Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are usually thick and have thick strings to produce thick sounds to hold down the powerful low-end groove. Unlike the variants of acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars usually have only four strings. They are usually electric with a solid body but there are wooden acoustic and semi-acoustic bass guitars available as well.

Bass guitars are more ideal for musicians working with a band to form the rhythm section. Since bass guitars are accompaniment instrument, they are less ideal for solo artists.

6. Unconventional Guitar

Unconventional Guitar

While the usual guitars come in classified shapes, sizes and number of strings, there are some iconic guitarists who introduced unconventional guitars to produce extraordinary sounds. There are seven and ten-string guitars with double necks. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Michael Angelo from the band Nitro are best known for playing variants of double-neck guitars. While acoustic guitar icon Andy McKee is known for playing a harp guitar that produces a deep, resonant bass-filled sound.

While playing an unconventional guitar will stand you out from the crowd, it is advised to learn to play the basic and conventional guitar types before experimenting.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right type of guitar to start your journey in the musical world can be confusing. However, starting with an acoustic guitar will help you understand the basics and strengthen the roots of playing the guitar. You can also connect with other music enthusiasts over the biggest entertainer’s network, EntNetwrk, and learn from their experiences. You can download the EntNetwrk mobile application for free to build your profile and start networking with industry stalwarts.


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